In an interview with Mr. Bakre Oluwafemi (aka jakre), a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos UNILAG, he explained how he became the best graduating student for the 2012-2013 session and his plans for the future.

Below is the details of the interview;

As the best graduating student for the 2012/2013 session. How do you feel?

Bishop David Oyedepo

You preach as if you have committed the entire Bible to your memory. How many times have you read the Bible?

The Bible is an unfinishable book, you keep reading. A student once met me after a meeting and said that I quoted 68 scriptures verbatim. He asked if I memorised the scriptures, I said no, I eat them. No matter how unintelligent you are, you can’t forget the food you ate last night, except you are mentally derailed. If you are given three seconds, you could tell what you ate about five days ago, if you truly ate it. So, the Bible is just not for reading, it’s actually for eating. I’m not among the people that have read the Bible three or five times, I don’t know how many times I have read the Bible and I’m not planning to know how many times. I just know it’s my delight to feed on it daily, and I can’t claim to have finished reading it.

The Living Faith church is 33 years old, how has it been pastoring this one church for the past years?

Arisekola Alao’s son, Umar Arisekola-Alao is the Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports. In February this year, the young and vibrant commissioner spoke about his dad to Punch and how sweet growing up with him was. It’s an eye opener and the man who was loved by many adored his 45 children. Continue below…

William Babatunde Fowler

The name Tunde Fowler sends jitters through the spines of individuals and corporate concerns in the State. But here, he looks  disarmingly harmless, unassuming  and charming. A sharp contrast to the fiercesome look, usually the trademark of tax collectors. However, you will let down your guard at your own peril if you underrate him. Fowler is the Tax Collector- in- Chief for Lagos State Government and on this, he has no friends. He superintends the Lagos Internal Revenue Service as the executive Chairman. Much despised by many  for  his prying eyes, there is no denying the fact that he raised the revenue profile of the state to an all time high, last year nudging above N20.5billion. He is expecting to surpass that this year.  Fowler  loves water sports,  and cherishes  spending time with family. Even though he is not football crazy, he loves the national football team whether it is  playing well or not and would readily pitch his tent with Manchester United in the English Premier league. His  philosophy and attitude to life is to seek God first and serve the State. Fowler comes across as a man who still has so much to give in terms of service. The passion with which he makes his points leaves you desiring more. Ibrahim Adeduntan interviewed him recently