Honourable Olugbenga Abiola, 28, is the youngest local Government sole administrator in Nigeria.

He is the Sole Administrator of Agege Local Government. He was one of the 57 sole administrators sworn in by Governor Ambode on Monday, June 13, 2016.

He spoke with the publisher of young Achievers magazine in his office on 3rd August, 2016, despite his busy schedule.      Excerpts:

Young Achievers: You’re the youngest Local Government sole administrator in Nigeria as at today, was it something you were expecting or it came


Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- I didn’t even know my name was on the list, it came as a surprise, and it is the Lords doing and am happy about it.


Young Achievers:- What are the challenges you have faced since you assumed this office?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:-  There are many challenges but with God on our side, I have been coping and don’t forget that challenges will always come but how to handle it when they come is what matters because I have told myself I will not disappoint the youths.

Young Achievers:- If you are opportuned to be Nigeria’s President what will be your priority?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- Employment generation will be the first thing I will do by gathering data of the unemployed in the society, it is through data that we can actually know the figures of the unemployed youths in the country.

Young Achievers:-  Is it also true that you were gunning for councillorship before this appointment?  

Hon. Gbenga Abiola: Yes, I once contested as a councilor but didn’t win the primaries but I have been in politics since I was 16years, my house has been a political platform for political meetings, so this has helped to prepare me for political office.

By the virtue of this position right now, it is almost impossible to contest for councillorship but God will give me a breakthrough in my political career via this appointment.

Young Achievers:- Are you going to contest for the chairmanship position in the next election?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- That is not possible because the sole administrators will be in charge of the election. We will still be in the office while the election will be on, so it will only be possible if I resign as sole administrator which I don’t think I will do.

Young Achievers:- There is a high level of moral decadence among our youths, what advise do you have for youths out there?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- Nigerian Youths must be ready to take their destiny in their hands, whatever you want to become depends on you. There is a saying that “tell me your friend, and I will tell you the type of person you are” the youths should be ready to take the bull by the horn and wait for nobody, do for yourself what you want others to do for you and we should stop complaining, because there are a lot of opportunities that abound out there, that we don’t see.

Young Achievers:- Have you in anyway been intimidated when you attend meetings with elders?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- I have never been intimidated and never will I be, I give respect to whom is due because like I said earlier I have been privileged to attend political meetings in my house, so this as helped  me to relate well with elders.

I have contested elections here in Agege before, this would have been my second time of contesting election if not for this appointment.

Young Achievers:- What is your relationship with career officers of the local government?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- I give them their respect whether younger or older than me, and I as the sole administrator, I don’t let the office get into my head. I don’t think I am in anyway arrogant or proud but I take charge of my duty and I do what I am supposed to do.

Young Achievers:- You’re single young man, how do you cope with female admirers?

Hon. Gbenga Abiola:- I am very busy to look around, as you can see that you met many people waiting to see me, my only girlfriend now is Agege local government, that is my focus for now. Don’t also forget that I am just 28, when the time come for marriage I will.

Young Achievers: Thanks for your time.

Hon. Gbenga Abiola: It’s my pleasure.